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Welcome to FP&C Consulting, where we provide exceptionally skilled staff to support government agencies and contractors in achieving their mission objectives. We specialize in program management, IT support, business consulting services and have a track record of delivering successful client outcomes.

Management Consulting Services

FP&C Consulting is your go-to partner for expert guidance and assistance in navigating the complexities of the Federal procurement space. Our team of experienced contracting and program management professionals offers a unique perspective on the government side, providing our clients with insight and contextual information that can be invaluable in achieving their goals. Whether you need help with proposal strategy, purchasing system reviews, business development strategy, document and website review, or communication with government representatives, FP&C Consulting has the capability and experience to be your ace in the hole. We are your GPS - Trust us to navigate you through the Federal procurement landscape.

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Program/Project Management

At FP&C Consulting, we understand that running a successful proposal effort can be daunting, especially when you lack the necessary skill set. That's where we come in. Our experienced staff has a record of success in developing and executing proposal win strategies, ensuring you have the competitive edge to stand out from the competition.

Guessing what the government is asking for in an RFP is not an option when the margin for error is thin. With our staff of former contracting officers and program managers, you will access invaluable insights that your competitors can't. This insider knowledge means the difference between being the successful offeror in a source selection and being overlooked as the government justifies a lower price.

At FP&C Consulting, we are committed to helping our clients achieve success in federal contracting. With our expertise and experience, you can be confident in your proposal efforts and be the successful offeror with FP&C Consulting by your side.

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Contract Administration As a Service

At FP&C Consulting, we understand the importance of managing contracts and subcontracts effectively, but we also know that hiring a full-time contract administrator can be expensive. That's why we offer contract administration services as a cost-effective solution for our clients.

Our experienced contracting professionals will work closely with your staff to ensure your contracts and subcontracts are managed efficiently and effectively. From compliance management to oversight of subcontractors, we have the expertise to handle every aspect of contract administration. We prioritize our clients' best interests and are committed to ensuring that all obligations are met at a fair and reasonable price. With FP&C Consulting as your contract administrator, you can rest assured that your contracts are in capable hands.

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